Get Your Individual Cure Rate

Understand your probability of cure for your individual case of Prostate Cancer.

What is your Individual Cure Rate (ICR)?

An Individual Cure Rate (ICR) is the percentage that represents the likelihood of curing your prostate cancer based on our definition of cure.  We define cure as having a PSA level of 0.2 ng/ml 10 years after treatment and remaining at that level forever. Your ICR is based solely on your prostate cancer situation and is completely unique to you.

Individual Cure Rate Graph

Example of an Individual Cure Rate probability produced for a man based on his cancer characteristics. Treated with ProstRcision, this man’s 15-year chance of zero PSA (below 0.2ng/ml) is 85%.

How do you get an ICR?

Simply ask your urologist or radiation oncologist for a 10-year ICR. If these physicians are unable to provide one, consider finding another doctor. And, be sure to ask about the size of the database used to calculate your cure rate. If the database is smaller than 2,000 men, the ICR is little better than a guess.

Why is ProstRcision’s ICR so different?

While most doctors only talk about treating prostate cancer, our physicians specialize in curing it. The reason we are able to determine a man’s Individual Cure Rate is because we keep a database with years of information (consisting of millions of data points) collected from more than 16,000 men before, during and after treatment. Once we learn more about your particular prostate cancer, we can compare it to the data from previous patients and determine your chance of being cured. We can give you your own Individual Cure Rate. Learn more about our study demonstrating ProstRcision’s high cure rate.