Featured Topics about ProstRcision and Prostate Cancer.

Surgery is not the only option

When a loved one is diagnosed with prostate cancer, finding a safe and proven treatment option is a high priority. Finding quality information can be the key to understanding different types of treatment and in choosing which option best suits an individual. Often surgery is prescribed, but this isn’t to say it’s always the best…

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A former patient’s perspective

There are many opinions swirling around on the topic of prostate cancer, making a patient’s research confusing and disjointed. With all the varying information out there, talking through it can be the best way to fully understand every aspect—especially when talking to someone who has gone through it before. We spoke with our very own…

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Two questions men are afraid to ask

Dialogue around prostate cancer treatment can be a difficult and potentially awkward scenario to navigate. Questions pop up around sex, urination and other personal issues that make asking pressing questions a lumbering, labored experience. Because of this, many men shy away from asking questions that could potentially change their decision when it comes to treating…

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Before, during and after ProstRcision

Did you know one in seven men in the US is estimated to develop prostate cancer during his lifetime, according to The American Cancer Society? Along with skin cancer, prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men in the United States. There is an entire community of survivors who have all gone through the…

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Questions to ask a physician

When first diagnosed with prostate cancer, a man’s mind is swarming with scattered thoughts and emotions, making it difficult to focus and narrow down the questions to ask a physician. Many doctors won’t openly give answers to the most important questions without being asked. A man owes it to himself to understand his cancer and…

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