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Candidate for ProstRcision


When it comes to treating a man’s prostate cancer, there are a handful of different routes to take. More than 180,890 men in the United States will be diagnosed with prostate cancer this year, according to the American Cancer Society, and some treatment options are better for some men than others. When making the decision between surgery, radiation, hormone therapy and all other options, men must consider both the short-term and long-term positives and negatives of each approach. They should also get a better understanding about their particular case of cancer; some men’s cancers can be slow-growing and never bother them during their natural lifespan, while others can be extremely aggressive within a few years. Read on to learn more about ProstRcision and who might make for a prime candidate for this form of treatment—16,000+ other men were!

What is ProstRcision?

Developed by Radiotherapy Clinics of Georgia (RCOG), ProstRcision is a unique treatment method. The meaning of ProstRcision means destruction (excision) of both normal and cancerous prostate cells with irradiation rather than surgery with a knife. In contrast to radical prostatectomy, ProstRcision leaves behind the sex nerves and muscles that control urination. ProstRcision is based on the integration of two separate methods of irradiation in an attempt to get the absolute best individual cure rate possible with the least amount of complications.

A Tailored Treatment

At our RCOG Cancer Centers, how we treat a man with prostate cancer and the chance of curing his prostate cancer hinges on his cancer findings, especially his prostate pathology report.

Here are some indicators that a man is a prime candidate for ProstRcision:

  • He prefers an alternative to surgery that offers a comparably high cure rate
  • He places a high priority on curing his cancer
  • He is looking for a treatment supported with outcome data as opposed to verbal assurances
  • He is interested in options that provide compelling published outcome data
  • He prioritizes cure over convenience
  • He wants to minimize effects of sexual function and not experience urinary issues

Remember, a man who is recently diagnosed is not alone. As one goes through this decision-making phase of this journey, it can be beneficial to hear about other people’s experiences directly from them.

At our RCOG Cancer Center, we are dedicated to helping provide men with the resources they need to make an informed decision. Whether a man is leaning toward treatment at RCOG, or just wants to empower himself with the facts, our ProstRcision care team is available to discuss any questions or concerns and can determine an Individual’s Cure Rate.