Frequently Asked Questions

Comparing ProstRcision to Radical Prostatectomy

Q: How would you choose between ProstRcision and Radical Prostatectomy?

A: Just like you would compare any two treatments: which one gives you the best chance of zero PSA 15 years later for your particular case of prostate cancer. However, there is no one cure rate for surgery but will vary with the skill of the urologist. Also, microscopic capsule penetration is probably a bigger problem for surgery than ProstRcision. You should also look at the other two big issues: urinary incontinence and loss of sexual function.

Figure 18. Comparison of ProstRcision and Radical Prostatectomy. A larger area is treated with ProstRcision compared to Radical Prostatectomy where cancer is left behind. This is called positive surgical margin and occurs in up to 27% of men who have surgery.