Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Do you ever give hormones with ProstRcision?

A: Rarely. However, we have seen a large number of men who received hormones before they came to RCOG for ProstRcision. We compared cure rates of these men with those men treated only with ProstRcision and no hormones. Cure rates were not increased with hormones. All these men got were complications of hormones.

Q: What complications are caused by hormones?

A: Almost all men get hot flashes, similar to a woman going through menopause, which can last for a year or more with just one hormone shot. Virtually all sexually active men will lose sexual function. If given over a long period of time, hormones can also cause thinning of the bones (osteoporosis), which increases your chance of breaking a bone. Additional complications are weight gain, muscle weakness, an overall loss of energy, increased problems with thought process (making decisions or thinking clearly) as well as an increased chance of diabetes and heart attacks.

Q: Why do doctors recommend hormones along with irradiation?

A: Men with advanced cancer benefit from a combination of hormones and beam irradiation compared to beam radiation only. In contrast, medical studies of seed implantation plus hormones show no benefit to men.