Frequently Asked Questions

Using Zero PSA at 15 Years to Determine Treatment

Q: Why is it so important that I know that a cure of prostate cancer means a zero PSA (<0.2) 15 years after any treatment?

A: This is probably the single most important piece of information on prostate cancer you and your wife should know. Understanding cure, a zero PSA 15 years after any treatment, is the key to deciding what treatment to undergo.

Q: Why is zero PSA at 15 years the key to deciding on treatment?

A: When we started this meeting, you and your wife spoke of how confused you were over the various treatment methods that doctors talk about and that you did not know what treatment to take. This is typical of doctors: they talk about treatment but not how well it cures. But, you want to be cured, not just treated. You decide on treatment by asking which treatment method will give you the best chance of having a zero PSA at 15 years for your particular case of prostate cancer. Zero PSA 15 years after any treatment is the gold standard to show cure. There are at least twelve different treatments for prostate cancer and they vary greatly in how well they can cure prostate cancer. In fact, we do not know if most treatments even cure prostate cancer. You will learn all of this as we go along.

Q: What is my chance of having a zero PSA 15 years after treatment with ProstRcision for my moderate risk cancer group?

A: The table here shows the 5, 10, and 15 year chance of having a zero PSA for men in Low, Moderate and High risk groups. Your risk group has a 76% chance.


Q: Why does the chance of having zero PSA keep falling with time?

A: Because prostate cancer recurs very slowly as described earlier. As you can see, 5 and 10 year results are misleading. That is why you must look at the 15 year chance of having zero PSA after any treatment.