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Gleason Score

What Does
My Gleason
Score Mean?

Gleason score predicts how fast your prostate cancer is growing. It is the most important measurement in a pathology report. Gleason score consists of two numbers called grades, which range from 1-5. Grade 1 indicates slow growth prostate cancer, and grade 5 is rapidly growing cancer. The predominant grade seen in a needle core is the first number of the Gleason score. The second number is the next most common grade. These two grades are then added to get the Gleason score



Q: How was my Gleason score determined?

A: Your 12-needle biopsy, which is the standard procedure for prostate biopsy, was sent to a pathology doctor who looked at your biopsy specimens under the microscope. Then, based upon his experience, he determined your Gleason score, wrote your biopsy report and sent it to your urologist.

Q: I had prostate cancer in four needles but only one needle with Gleason score 4+3 and the other three needles with Gleason score 3+4. Why don’t I have Gleason 3+4?

A: Your Gleason score is based on the highest Gleason score number found in your biopsy, even if only in one needle. It is not based on the number of needles with a lower Gleason score.

Q: I had Gleason score 4+3 in one area of my prostate and 3+4 in another. Is this common?

A: Yes. It is very common for men to have different Gleason scores in different areas of the prostate.

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