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Importance of Second Opinion


Knowledge and experience: These two simple factors are the most influential and powerful elements in any decision, or opinion-making process. They shape what we will choose to say and do within the specific context of the situation. When we choose to move forward down a specific route, it is because we have been influenced by what we know (both about the situation and holistically) and past experiences that help shape our decisions.

Empower With Knowledge

It is no different in the context of medicine. When a physician makes a recommendation for treatment, it is his or her collective and situation-specific knowledge that is used to inform a final recommendation. In any medical circumstance, seeking multiple opinions enables patients to receive more input and weigh the collective knowledge and experiences of however many physicians are consulted. The many treatment types, timelines and potential outcomes make a second opinion that much more important.

Treatment Options for Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer treatment options are wide-ranging in approach and scope. Many physicians recommend treatment options that they are comfortable with and are able to carry out, regardless of advanced treatment options available outside of their practice. Depending on who one speaks with, there also may be several different recommendations to the given scenario. Whatever the case, multiple opinions will provide further insight and more information on what the options are—which is exactly why speaking to multiple physicians is so important.

Men with prostate cancer, or their loved ones, can empower themselves by continuing to gather more information and getting a second, third and even fourth opinion.

Easy Access to Second Opinions

Trust your physician? You should, but we encourage you to start the conversation with more than just one.

Whether a man recently diagnosed hasn’t spoken to a doctor yet or has talked to many, our physicians are highly trained and can answer questions, give more information and help come up with a tailored plan of action that best suits an individual’s case.