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Surgery is not the only option


When a loved one is diagnosed with prostate cancer, finding a safe and proven treatment option is a high priority. Finding quality information can be the key to understanding different types of treatment and in choosing which option best suits an individual. Often surgery is prescribed, but this isn’t to say it’s always the best option for every man. In this blog we will talk about an alternative to Radical Prostatectomy (surgery).

ProstRcision: A Less-invasive Option

With the proliferation and advancements of radiation therapy, we have developed a treatment option that attacks the prostate cancer with irradiation synergy. Combining radioactive I-125 seeds and external beam radiation the cancer cells are irradiated utilizing both forms of radiation. What does this mean exactly? Essentially, two forms of radiation are utilized simultaneously to destroy the prostate cancer cells just as if they were being cut out with surgery, except that the muscles that control urination are not removed, and much of the time the sex nerves are preserved.

Know Every Option

For many, surgery can be intimidating, invasive or just daunting. Men or loved ones should empower themselves by finding out more about effective surgery alternatives and how to treat prostate cancer at the source. If one would like to find out more about ProstRcision, or prostate cancer in general, one of our trained patient navigators are standing by to answer questions, field concerns and equip a man or his loved one with the information needed to make an informed treatment decision. Our comprehensive Q&A guide also has the answer’s to many of the questions men have about prostate cancer.