Survivor Stories

You are not alone. Hear from former patients how ProstRcision changed their lives.

As you go through the learning process about prostate cancer and ProstRcision, it helps to hear what other men in your situation have experienced. These short videos take you through the journeys of some of our former patients – from diagnosis through recovery. Below you may also discover additional testimonials of why men chose ProstRcision. We hope their stories bring you encouragement and even some clarity. Connect with a former patient today.

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“I wanted to maintain sexual function… I haven’t had any side effects”

- Joe Hall

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“I did a lot of research… I am now cancer free”

- Robert Inman

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“I wanted my husband to be comfortable”

- Marsha Inman

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“I would recommend ProstRcision because I’m cured”

- Jim Johnston

Cure Rates

John Leak from Atlanta describes his prostate cancer diagnosis as “happenstance with divine intervention”; John’s cancer was detected while he was being treated for kidney…

Proven Results

Woody Ray had regular check-ups throughout his Army career. It was only after retirement that his new family doctor found an elevated PSA….

A Home Away from Home

As an employee of the U.S. Government’s Business Transformation Agency in Bowie, Maryland, annual physicals are a regular part of Calvin McIntyre’s health care….

Side Effects

In October of 1982, Kenneth Mims’ physician found swelling in his prostate gland and hospitalized him for tests. After a biopsy confirmed the presence of cancer, the 58-year…

Recurrence After Prostatectomy

It was a routine check-up by an internist that provided John Thompson his first indication
of prostate cancer, an abnormal PSA. His PSA registered 19.4 ng/ml….