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Calvin's Story

Trip from Maryland to Georgia not too far for Calvin McIntyre

As an employee of the U.S. Government’s Business Transformation Agency in Bowie, Maryland, annual physicals are a regular part of Calvin McIntyre’s health care. Blood work indicated his PSA was slightly elevated at 4.2—just high enough for concern. A biopsy confirmed prostate cancer and Calvin’s urologist suggested an immediate radical prostatectomy.

Questions pointed to deficiencies

Calvin’s search to learn more about options took him to numerous sources, including the ProstRcision website. “I read that patients should ask their doctor three questions,” recounts Calvin. “How many men have you treated for prostate cancer using radical prostatectomy? How many articles have you published in peer-reviewed medical journals? And what is your 10-year cure rate?”

When Calvin posed those three questions to his urologist, he learned that his doctor had been in practice for only three years. When asked how his patients were doing, the doctor told Calvin that he “guessed they were doing fine.” As to being published, the doctor replied, “I’m a surgeon, not a researcher. I don’t write or publish papers.”

A call from Dr. Critz provided support and information

Calvin cancelled his surgery and did more research, finally sending his records to RCOG. It was a Sunday afternoon when Dr. Critz called Calvin to offer support and information.

Shortly after that call, Calvin flew to Atlanta and began his ProstRcision® treatment in the summer of 2006. “Not only did I feel good about my decision, but I met men from all over the world at each appointment,” he remembers. “It was a great place to be and the right place for me.”