Survivor Stories - Cure Rates

John's Story

Cure rate and side effects deciding factors for John Leak

John Leak from Atlanta describes his prostate cancer diagnosis as “happenstance with divine intervention;” John’s cancer was detected while he was being treated for kidney stones.

After his diagnosis, John diligently researched treatment options. As a funeral director, he had often seen the end result of untreated cancer. Plus, a family member had recently died from liver and colon cancer. Finding the best treatment option at a world-renowned facility was important to him.

Four physicians provided input

John’s urologist had talked to him about cryotherapy treatment and a radical prostatectomy. But through research, John learned about ProstRcision®. He consulted with his brother and son who were both physicians, and Dr. Frank Critz at RCOG. After gathering research and the opinions of four physicians, John chose ProstRcision.

“The cure rate really influenced my decision,” John says. “My urologist couldn’t provide the cure rate for other forms of treatment, and the side effects from having cryotherapy or a radical prostatectomy weren’t appealing.” Three weeks after his diagnosis, John began treatment with ProstRcision.

Short-term recovery AND a great outcome

Today, John’s PSA levels are dropping and he gets regular check-ups from his urologist, in addition to his follow-up visits at RCOG.

“I feel the best option for my Dad’s long-term health was treatment at RCOG,” says his son Brandon. “The procedure was not invasive and offered a better short-term recovery and a long-term cure.”