Survivor Stories - Proven Results

Woody's Story

Woody and Nancy Ray worked together to research options

Woody Ray had regular check-ups throughout his Army career. It was only after retirement that his new family doctor found an elevated PSA.

Even before Woody and his wife Nancy received the final diagnosis, the couple began reading everything they could find about the disease. On the Internet, Nancy uncovered programs, groups and treatment approaches. The couple worked together to explore all their options before making a treatment decision.

“At first I was looking just at cure rate,” says Nancy. “But along with that concern were side effects, because the side effects of so many of these treatments are horrible, extreme and permanent.”

Personal referral critical

Then Nancy found a prostate cancer survivor from their area who had undergone treatment nine and a half years earlier. “While it was important to talk with people who were currently going through treatment, for us it was also important to talk to men who were several years post-treatment,” explains Nancy. Their new contact had a great experience and positive outcome with ProstRcision®.

Scientific data backed up claims

“We looked for facts, not the air-brushing of materials that we kept running into with other options,” remembers Nancy. “The team at RCOG has the facts to back up what they say, including published papers in journals like Urology.”

“The bottom line for us was cure rate with the least side effects,” says Nancy. “That made our decision easy.”