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Kenneth's Story

Kenneth Mims is still going strong post treatment

In October of 1982, Kenneth Mims’ physician found swelling in his prostate gland and hospitalized him for tests. After a biopsy confirmed the presence of cancer, the 58-year old met with Dr. Critz to discuss treatment options for prostate cancer.

A treatment that preserves sexual function and continence

Dr. Critz shared with Kenneth and his wife the research and information he has spent a career in accumulating. Not only does ProstRcision provide the best cure rates of all options available, but issues such as sexual dysfunction and incontinence are not a major consideration since there is no cutting of nerves or tissue.

“My wife and I talked to Dr. Critz for about an hour and a half. I finally told him, I don’t know anything about this; and I trust that anything you would do for yourself you would do for me,” shares Kenneth.

Enjoying life cancer-free

Dr. Critz performed an I-125 prostate seed implant on Kenneth at DeKalb General Hospital in December, 1982. After he had healed, Kenneth received outpatient radiation. Today, Kenneth is cancer-free and is living life to the fullest.

“I had no complaints following the implant, and the outpatient radiation I had was limited since Dr. Critz and the team calculates exactly what is necessary,” Kenneth says.

Kenneth continues to enjoy gardening and the peace of mind that comes with living cancer free. At last check his PSA registered 0.0 ng/ml.